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Note: You may want to download chess game conversion programs (i.e. CBF to PGN format) here.

América-Base – Games from (mostly) Central and South America, with a dash of North America thrown in. Sorted by country.

Anatoly Karpov database – Over 3000 games from one of the original Big K’s.

ARG-Base – Games from Argentina.

Australian Archive (Ozbase) – Games from Australia.

Britbase – British game archive, 1930-Present. Huge.

Canadian Database – Games from Canadian tournaments and Canadian players.

Chess Archaeology – Excavating the history of chess. Articles, annotated historical games, photographs, and more. Updated regularly. – Great site with 638,000 Games. Statistics on openings all kinds of other cool things you can do with chess games.

Chessbase-Online – Game database online searchable with Java interface. Similar to Chesslab, faster but with less features.

Chesslab – Sites like this make you appreciate the power of the internet. 2 million game searchable database online with Java interface. Also has analysis capability, and is updated constantly.

Chess Mail – Correspondence games from Chess Mail magazine. Selection changes every month. Usually the collections are centered around specific themes.

DanBase – Games from Denmark.

DutchBase – Games from the Netherlands going back 100 hundred years. (scroll to Dutchbase link)

Encyclopedia of Chess Openings – An easy interface to the openings collection on Dann Corbit’s FTP server (see above).

Finnish Chess Games Database – Games from Finland.

GambitChess – Gambits analyzed, plus games from chess books.

GreekBase – Games from Greece.

ItalBase- Games from Italy.

Kasparov vs. Karpov: World Championship 1984-1990 – Some details and the games from their grueling matches.

Knut Neven’s Research Database – Knut has created a huge, high-quality game collection in Chessbase format for sale on CD with regular updates.

Lars Balzer – Links to game collections on the internet. Like this list, but more international.

MontrealBase – Games from Montreal players past and present.

Old In Chess – In Spanish. Historical site includes a database of old games (mostly from the 70’s last I checked).

PolBase – Polish games database.

RebelBase – Strong human players vs the Rebel computer program.

Rusbase – Games from events in Russia.

SSDF database & Man vs. Machine games – The test games used to create the SSDF ratings of chess programs, as well as a collection of man vs. machine games.

TWIC Past Issues – Keep up on current trends with the last 50 or so issues of The Week In Chess.

Uncrowned Kings – Games from top-notch, but not world champ players like Paul Keres, Nimzowitsch, and Bent Larsen.

University of Pittsburgh Chess Club – Has probably the biggest collection of games and downloadable chess stuff on the internet. However, it seems they are no longer updating it. Access the collection via our web interface here.

World Chess Championship – The games from the history of the World Championship, and from all the candidate and interzonal events. Well-organized and thorough.